Educational Support

Special Services

District Director of Special Services:  Jennifer Sowa

District Supervisor, PK-5: Brian Rogoff

District Special Services site

South Mountain School Special Services Staff:

  • Rochelle Ainspan - Speech

  • Veronica Bernardo - PT Teacher

  • Jessica Cento - LDTC 

  • Grace Conti - Resource Room Teacher

  • Lisa Fabrizio - Social Worker

  • Natalie Giammarino - Strategies Intervention

  • Lindsey Janoff - Speech

  • Diana Knight - Strategies Intervention

  • Taylor Riccardi - Counselor

  • Allison Rubin - Resource Room Teacher

  • Michele Sullivan - Occupational Therapist

  • Melissa Teresco - Occupational Therapist

  • Dr. Jessica Walling - Psychologist

HIB (Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying)

South Mountain School HIB  Specialist: Heather Fiory

District HIB Page


Millburn Township Public School District has Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Teams at all district schools.  The I&RS Team is available to assess students brought to their attention for social, emotional or educational needs.  The I&RS Team receives referrals from building principals, counselors, Child Study Team members, and teachers. The Intervention and Referral Services Team is consulted as a pre-referral intervention to the special education evaluation process.

South Mountain School I&RS Staff:

  • Heather Fiory

  • Rochelle Ainspan 

  • Jessica Cento

  • Lisa Fabrizio

  • Natalie Giammarino

  • Samantha Hess

  • Diana Knight

  • Dr. Jessica Walling