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Attendance Information

Absence from School
It is requested that parents notify the main office as soon as possible each day that their child will be absent.  Email the teacher AND the main office - and or call the office at 973-921-1394 x36003. Please also include the school nurse - on your email.

Any student who is absent without a phone call or previous note from the parent will receive a call from the office. Any student that is absent for a period of 5 consecutive school days must return with a note from their physician.
  (Please note: In accordance with Board Policy and Regulations, any absence due to a planned vacation that does not coincide with the school calendar is defined as an unexcused absence).

Tardy to School:
If a student enters the school after 8:50, he/she must report to the main office with a parent or guardian to sign in for the day.  The secretaries will notify the administration of any student who is chronically late.  More than ten (10) days in a trimester is considered chronic.  A letter will be sent to parents informing them of this problem.  If the tardiness continues, disciplinary action may be taken.

Leaving the Building:
No student may leave the building at any time without prior permission from the main office. Students must be signed out and escorted by their parent/guardian/emergency contact. No student may leave the building without an adult. A parent/guardian may not call the office and ask to have a child released from school. To leave the building without following these procedures is considered truancy.

Illness at School
When a student becomes ill or is injured, the school nurse will contact parents/guardians. If they are not available, the nurse will call the individuals listed as emergency contacts.  These emergency contacts should live within close proximity to the school for ease of pick-up in a timely fashion.  Students will only be released to designated adults who must sign the student out in the main office. If a student is seriously injured or ill, a 911 call will be initiated.